Be Positive When Passing Through A Difficult Time.

Being positive about your situation whether bad or good is the best way to live every moment of your life. For you to overcome every challenges facing you, you must be able to dream or hope for a future where those challenges will seize to exist.

Things get better with time, nobody was born walking or talking we get better as times goes on. I believe life is a puzzle and we are here to do our part to solve the puzzles of life, we are here on earth to provide solutions to the problems of life.

To overcome any challenges we must have a positive mindset about the situation at hand, in other words we must be an optimist and not a pessimist. One way to be positive minded is to believe that all things of nature either bad or good are working together for our good.

Be Positive

For example, most time we only emphasis on the need of rain for agriculture produce to grow and yield well, but at same time the sun is also important for any plant to grow.

I so much love the Bible verse that says all things work together for the good to them that love God, to them who are called according to his purpose. (Romans 8:28)

When you know that the present circumstances are all happening for the greatness of your future, then you will worry less and take more action to see the actualization that greatness.

Every great thing is positive and every positive thing is great, so for every great things, dreams, ideas, and innovations and so on the G factor can’t be overlook. Because God is great, God is positive; God is the greatest of all great things.

Note; if it is not positive; it is not great.

You can’t approach your challenges without God and still expect to have a positive mindset about the situation. You need God at all time!

Note that you have nothing to lose if you are positive about your situation right now, being positive minded is a win or gain to your soul, spirit, mind and body.

If you are not optimistic or positive about your present situation, it means you are knocking on the door of depression which can cut short your dreams and life.

I wish a positive productive week.Remember, you the light of the world not the light a room, street, city but of the whole wide world.

Be positive and be great.

The world can’t wait to experience your greatness.

Olumuyiwa Ona.
(A treasure in the box)