The protest pull is so strong that almost every youth in the nation is convinced it is the right movement Nigeria needs at this very present time.

Every Nigeria can relate to police brutality, people and community have contributed money to bail out their innocent youth in the police station, even though it is stated that bail is free. Is Police IG not aware of this?

From what I have seen so far, the government attitude towards this protest does not show that they take the protesters seriously, especially from the presidency. The President campaigned with a crowd of more than 10,000 people. He addresses the people then seeking a second term in office. But today he can’t show the same energy to address the protesters.

In the beginning, the government underestimated the EndSars Protest thinking, it will soon die down, but glaringly now, and all of them are on the hot seat. The protest does not have a leader that is the truth.

If you say that celebrities are the leaders of the protest, I will agree with you to some extent. You can say Celebrities are the leader of the protest in Lagos and Abuja.

Which celebrity do you see in Ogbomosho, Ibadan, Port Harcourt, Edo, Benin, and other states.

I watch a video yesterday, where a lady called Buhari a bad boy, there are more than 1million youths that feel the same way she feels.

The youth have lost their truth in the government, so regardless of who and who the government or any top businessmen call for a meeting, either public or private. No one can calm the protest among all the celebrities they are calling for meetings.

The message is clear, someone must be held responsible for this. The IG of police and some top officials need to resign. There is no way you want to tell the people that the same leader that allows police brutality to thrive under his watch is still the same person that will reform the police. It is not done anywhere.

Buhari must take a strong decision; He must show that the interest of the people is his priority. That is the only way to calm the protest.

The reformation of the Nigeria Police will take a lot of time, not a year or 4 years, it is a continuous processes with intentional and deliberated actions to see it fulfillment.
There is a need for state police; the IG in Abuja cannot oversee the police of every state. That is too cumbersome for anyone.

The Police recruitment system should be check thoroughly and reform. When you look at some police, sometimes you will wonder how they get in into the police force.

The police recruitment system should not be by political slot or man no man. It should be transparent and only those who are qualified should be recruited.

There should be an independent body that will be monitoring the police activities and see to any kind of abuse of power by any police.

It is high time the government put Nigeria under security surveillance; we need security CCTV cameras on our roads, public places, and every corner in Nigeria.

Police should also have a body cam that will be recording all their activities every day. If a Policeman knows that he is being watched, he will work efficiently and he will not try to abuse his power.

The grievance of the Youth is not only about the EndSars alone, EndSars is just the beginning; the government should seat up and work for the progress of this nation.

We all want to live to witness that better Nigeria. We want to stop saying “Naija go better” that better Nigeria we want it now.

2023 is in the corner already, I see a wave clearing political debris away from our land.

Both PDP and APC have failed us. They are parties that see oppression of the people as the fundamental right of every politician in Nigerian. Shebi una they travel go out…

APC and PDP priority is not the interest of Nigerian people, they are not concern about making Nigeria great; their priority is how to live well with their families and oppress the people.

The Nigeria compatriots are rising, they and not sleeping again.

If everyone that has been protesting decided to take a break tomorrow, new sets of people will show up. The protest pull is contagious and it very strong.

Mr. President, please do the needful.

SWAT is not the solution.

One Nigeria


Light and Shine.

By: Walecase (OlumuyiwaOna)


#EndSars #EndPoliceBrutality #EndBadGovernance #EndCorruption #EndSWAT.