How to Identify a Wife Material

The reason why many are still single is because they have not found a lady with wife material, someone they can marry, someone they can take to the altar and say I DO.

Many ladies complain every time that their partner is not ready to propose to them without them knowing that they are the one having problem.

When a man does not see his partner as is wife to be but a sexual partner you don’t expect him to propose.

Let see some things people said on Wife Material Case and see how to identify a wife material.

Wife material is a woman that decided to be a good wife either by home training, grace of God or by zeal. By: Biggie

Not all women are wives nor would be, not all women are mothers too, not because they don’t put to bed but do not have the qualities. Qualities of a woman would be different from qualities of a wife. I guess the subject matter here is ‘WIFE’

A wife material should be STRONGER than the intended husband while the husband should be POWERFUL than the wife.
By: Akan

Any woman that meet the requirement to me is a virtuous woman and will end up being a good wife.
But let me also say this… God knows the heart of men(women) He knows those that are His… He will not give His daughter (virtuous woman) to a man who is not equally a virtuous man… In order words you will attract your kind.
A drunkard will not say he is looking for a virtuous woman to marry, he won’t see one. . What he we see is a woman will pretends to be virtuous… But also a drunkard. So let’s not deceive ourselves… Be a virtuous man first then you will attract a virtuous woman. By: Amos Blessing

First and foremost, we know that there is BIG difference between the qualities of a wife material and the qualities of my prospective wife materials.

The qualities of a wife material in a simplify terms:

  1. God fearing
  2. A fanatic cook
  3. Intellectual curiosity
  4. She surprises you
  5. She supports you when in need
  6. A homemaker
  7. A good sense of humor
  8. She can control her emotions like cordis
  9. An organized woman
  10. She will stay with you when you are broke
  11. She has lots of affection
  12. She doesn’t nag
  13. A submissive lady
  14. An independent woman
  15. A wife material is not a party animal.
  16. She encourages your dreams
  17. She gives you space
  18. A low-maintenance woman
  19. She enjoys making love to you
  20. She is OK with your past mistakes
  21. She never embarrasses you in public.
  22. kind, ambition, thoughtful
  23. The type of daughter-in-law every mother wants
  24. She is adventurous.
  25. Share the same belief.
    By: Chinedu

If you want to marry a wife material then be ready to be a good tailor By: Sandy

The question of who’s wife material, is been answered from different perspective and outlook of an individuals.

Generally, I summarize a wife material with these 3 key principle words….

1. Understanding (with sense of reasoning and action).
2. Good hearted (sincerity)
3. Sense of responsibility

Whatever the the situation of things are, she will reason to understand why and how, in other to know when and where to take the necessary actions.
This will help her maintain her position as a valuable wife as her steps will always be guided.
A good hearted lady will always be sincere in all her dealings, with husband, immediate & extended members, friends and even the children.
She seeks and promote peace. Amidst all, she accommodates. Give her children a good moral background

Sense of responsibility here simply means one who knows what it means to be a wife. Because some don’t really know, in this case how can she be a good wife when she doesn’t understand what is required of her.
If you have values, pray to get one who also have values.
So you can cherish each other.
By: Iyke Egboka

Note: This article was generated through WhatsApp Discussion during Wife Material Case.