Iyke Egboka on Human Trafficking Case

Case: Human Trafficking. Human trafficking creates a biased society where some are denied the sense of belonging. It gives rise to different social vices and illicit act when victims are trying to pour grievances as self defense.

In my own definition, human trafficking is simply the exploitation of human beings, violation of rights and/or taking advantage of some people in the society (the vulnerable) by the elites (traffickers) in different context of life.

Human trafficking is a variation of slavery or will I say a kind of slavery and servitude, often done in disguise.When young ladies are taken abroad where they cannot help themselves and are forced into prostitution. The children are denied their right of quality education only to be a hawkers in the streets.

I don’t know if anyone here has fall a victim of this act?

Human trafficking creates a biased society where some are denied the sense of belonging. It gives rise to different social vices and illicit act when victims are trying to pour grievances as self defense.
The root causes of Human trafficking are in two phases: on the side of the victims(the vulnerable) and on the side of the trafficker.

1.    Poverty and poor standard of living.
2.    Broken family.
3.    Illiteracy.
4.    Over ambition and get rich quick mindset.
5.    Desperation
6.    Lack of information and so on.

1.    Greediness
2.    To make profit
3.    Pleasure and satisfaction
4.    Revenge and retaliation
5.    Prove of power
6.    Selfishness/self-centeredness
7.    Wickedness, etc.

The purpose of human trafficking is the same purpose of commerce i.e to make profit and gain. Because human trafficking is another nomenclature for human trade, the exchange of human beings for money, pleasure Or satisfaction.

This purpose is achieved through hawking, forced prostitution, sale of body organ, bond debt payment, forced labour, under- payment of wage/salary, and even rape (our previous case).

The way you can identify them is through their victims.For instance…..You see a little boy begging or hawking in the school hour, You can trace the parents or benefactor, It can be very risky; YES RISKY. That’s why we need some enforcement agency, Like the police and Human Rights etc.

Human trafficking can only be alleviated but cannot be stopped in it’s entirety because some parents even traffic their children.The government (Nigeria as a case study) that is to enforce the law are the major cause of trafficking indirectly by their inability to create a conducive economy for the citizens and affordable quality education for the poor masses, rather they embezzle and loot the resources. Anything that happens in the family is very hard to stop because it is the smallest but the strongest unit of the society.

This traffickers we are talking about they are elite​, prominent people in our society. They have connections even with top officials in the country, that’s why it will be very hard to stop because they are at higher positions, that suppose to implement the law.
Are they not above the law? No body is above the law but in Nigeria, some are above the law. And it is our problem in the country today. Even the law enforcers are corrupt, they are perpetrators of the act at the higher level.
We have seen Many cases where by a trafficker is caught and after sometime he/she was later release; Most often, Because they are officials or have connection with the officials. And then we are far from fighting the crime.

Fighting human trafficking will be a collective effort of all the good citizens and men of integrity all over, who want to make the world a better place and give every creature a fair ground.

1. By rescuing the already trapped victims of this act in any way we can.

2. By educating the misinformed ones among us, because some have consented to that out ignorance, illiteracy and misconception. Someone ask me that, are our boarders not protected anymore? Is the government only checking closing loopholes for smuggling of goods? Where and how do these traffickers get away with victims?
Some obey the law of immigrations by providing the required documents, while some with capable muscles bribe the immigration officers. The summary of everything is the corruption in every nooks and crannies of the government and the society at large.

3. Finally, by exposing/reporting any illegal and inhumane trafficking act like, selling of body organs, baby industry, etc. To the appropriate authority.

There is a distinction between human trafficking and people smuggling, trafficking is always against the will of the victim where as smuggling is not always against the people because after getting to the target country, they will have the freedom to choose or decide what to do.

Those that are aware of what they are going to be doing when they get to where they are going can not be called victims, because it is at their own free will and they know what they are doing especially those that are later involved in prostitution.

Mr. Ebenezer Ojo; define human trafficking as the act of mankind being unkind to mankind.

Human trafficking share somethings in common with abuse, In fact, trafficking is abuse of human being. Trafficking entails a lot.

Thank you.