Try to answer these two questions yourself first before you continue to read.

Social media is anything you call it, people use social media for different reasons and purposes but the basic thing behind every social media is networking, it now depends on you what you want to be on you network, or what you are posting on your network.

So, What does SOCIAL MEDIA means to you? or let me ask what are you using your different social media accounts for? You are on Twitter, facebook, Instagram, what and what have you been doing there? well from what have seen many just use their social media as their status updater, their next events carrier, where they went to, what is going on presently in their life and to celebrate themselves and their friends on different occasions be it, birthday, wedding, graduation and so on.

I want to let you know that, there is a lot you can do with your different social media account, you can sell and buy on the social media today, which means you can make money through it. the social media can serve as your shop, office, even company space where you meet you clients and people, it is a global network of networks. It can serve as a learning portal, it can serve as a platform where you can show the world you talents, views and opinion and so on.

Now this is the area I want to focus more on; the social media should not just be a place where we post our pictures, video and have fun and watch comedy skit etc, we can do better than that. Many things are going wrong in our society today, the moral values are not there again, just look at our society today and compare it to the time past, the truth there is we are deteriorating in moral values, people now boost of being gay, lesbian, scammers (yahoo yahoo), our ladies are boosting in prostitution and the bad is now a normality in our society today. And those that are not please with this trending curse are not doing anything to stop and correct it. If we keep on looking the wrong things of this world will become our the society normality.

Let use our social media as a contents portal that can change our society for better, not only that, there are many problems we can solve if everyone can start telling the world how they overcome their past challenges through their social media.

This is the reason why we create THECASE platform, THECASE is a platform where everybody can share their view and idea on any CASE not having anything to do to your Status, The Case is for ALL

The Case will make your VOICES to be heard and we will listen to you. Everybody matter to us and your view, ideas and voices are important to us.

Is not until you come to any of our page or community or website before you can participate, on your wall, or on your own pages and accounts you can participate and contribute to anything trending… just tag us and use our custom hash tags #THECASE #THECASENG #ThecaseNG #CASE at the end of your post.

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