To Talk is to give out the end result of our being.
According to dictionary. Talk: speak in order to give information or express ideas or feelings; converse or communicate by spoken word.

The essence of talking is to pass out information so if you are opening your mouth and information is not passed out you are just making noise.

To talk is to communicate with every living around you, to talk is to pass out an instruction or command.
At every stage in life at one point you need to say to your partner, parents, children, Boss, friends, Teacher even your pastor and enemy that we need to talk.

When you discovered that things are not going well in your Relationship, family, church and school etc it is compulsory and necessary to call all the people that are concerned that “we need to talk”

You husband usually come home around six now he will not even come back home 8pm is around 10pm that he will work and you don’t see any reason to have a talk with him. See there is fire  on your roof.
You noticed that your children are behaving differently from their old self and you did not even bother to call them and talk to them. I pray that instead of talking you will not weep.

If you glue your mouth in any phase you find yourself you can never achieved your purpose and goals.
There is a Yoruba adage that says” Aile soro ni ibere oriburuku.. it means not talking is the beginning of impoverished, in your Relationship you need to talk.

Don’t be scared to talk to the one you love even the ones you dislike they will know only by your spoken words(talk).
If you are courting with someone and there is something giving you concerning about the Relationship sit the person down and dialogue the issue.

Don’t patch your Relationship if you think it will not say it out talk it out, let him or her know what you are feeling about the Relationship.

When you patched Relationship till you get to the altar and the priest say do you agree, and you patched your talk again to say I do. You are inside fry-pan already. When you patched something you have to manage it. It can never give you it real usefulness.

I was talking to my cousin about something and we get to a point where I mentioned my love language to him, I said if you want to have my attention just spent quality time with me. I don’t like people helping me to do my responsibilities, assisting me to do something is ok with me but when we spent time together, talk, chat am already yours.

If you don’t tell  your spouse what you like how will she or he knows.”nobody is a super human or a mind reader. To move forward in any relationship one must talk and I don’t mean just opening the mouth and closing it but communicating and communication is not complete if the other person cannot decode it. Said by Mrs Ogechukwu”

Someone said I never knew that helping my wife to carry waste to the garbage bin…..

Talk with your children on what they like and what the dislike, If you think by talking to him or her can make you lose the person you are already losing the person already. Some parents are afraid of their own children. “They are afraid because they feel if they talk to their children, the children will not love them anymore. So in the bid to gain and secure their love a allow them have their way in everything and choose to ignore them when corrections needs to be made. Parents our children are not going to love us now when we talk to them and do the right thing but they will love and appreciate us later in life when they understand how we have trained them well just like most of us we never loved our parents then but we love them to pieces now – Said By Mrs Ogechukwu”

They will be using some rubbish name to qualify him or her when they supposed to talk to him or her, Like Omo nla ni, Olorun Agba e, Iwo ko love pami (is not you that will kill me).

When you are not talking there is a problem, If you are not talking you are not living a proper life.
I rest my case….


Thank You.