Good day everyone;

I welcome you to 2019; I pray it shall be a year of fulfilling purpose for all of us in Jesu name.Amen

My name is onatoyinbo Onawale, known as Walecase; I am the founder of THECASE. For those that don’t know what THECASE is all about.

THECASE is an online platform where we interact, discus, share our opinions, ideas and experience on a CASE.

There is no problem without solution, an through an effective interaction and communication we can get solutions to many problems face humanity these days and also have clarity on what we should do.

THECASE has got the magic to  make you and not to mar you. It is a social learning portal for everyone.

This year our slogan is DARE IT. What you have dreamed in the past, envision for the future, set as your goals, it is high time you dare them and do them this year.

Light shine and it gives brightness; your word, opinions, ideas and stories can be the light someone need to go forward. Don’t keep them to yourself. Share them!

Shine on