Have gone through lots of comments on this post but have we for once stopped to weigh the negative effects family planning has caused in so many homes.

Sure family planning can go a long way in boosting the economic situation of this country but “Women ” who intend going for this option should carefully seek for thorough medical help as its disadvantages outweighs the advantage.

Question from the Admin: Please ma can you tell us some of this disadvantages. Because it is only the positive side of Family planning we have be discussing since.

The dangers varies as there are lots of health challenge associated with family planning as what works for Mrs A might not work for Mrs B
Thorough medical research has to be done before embarking on such journey.

The health risk ranges from severe headaches, bleeding and inability to conceive (when you finally decide to have a child), infections, cancer etc. The list is endless. Please note that this health challenges ranges as the duration of the family planning determines how long the pains lasts
While some women do not even go through any pains or challenges.

For me family planning is a No go area as there a lots of ways to help boost the economic situation of the country.

Women needs awareness in this regard
What is good for a might be wrong for B.
Women needs sensitization about how their body works,know your safe and unsafe periods (There are apps that can be downloaded to help track this activity)
There’s no two way to these except women address this careless issue of not knowing their safe period and unsafe periods , you only get pregnant if you choose to be careless
The most annoying thing about this issue is you find out that it’s those underprivileged people (poor) that gives birth to more children who they can’t cater for. That’s because they aren’t sensitized or they choose to be deliberately careless.

A member’s opinion she disagree with:Family planning methods are safe for all women especially with the right criteria. This is why we have the eligibility criteria. Before a woman is given family planning, her condition must be measured with the method of her choice and if she is eligible, she can be given. But if she has any medical condition that makes her not to be eligible for that method, she is re-counseled to make another choice. Esther Adetoro

I disagree with this statement. Family planning isn’t safe for all women. Some women who have gone through the necessary eligibility test and has no medical condition and has been certified okay by a medical practioner end up having serious medical complications as a result of family planning and was later advised by the same Doctor Who has certified her OK to stop the treatment. Please note that am not totally against this method, my point is Women should awake from their slumber, they need to understand how their body works, device more natural ways for family planning (know when you’re ovulating) . It’s pertinent to note that most drugs naturally has its side effects. Doctors in most general hospital in Nigeria now advocates for women of child bearing age to stay off family planning and device more natural ways for child spacing because of its effect.

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