Kunle Oba share a pastor’s confession on Domestic Violence


#DMV nobody should be too certain or sure he/she can never abuse their partner.
Let me share a pastor confession/ testimony to buttress my point. During hard times in my marriage I once told my wife that no matter how much she provoke me I can never raise my hand against her, so most times we had quarrel she will always be the one to hit me which I didn’t count as something that can trigger the beast in me, I was just too over confidence, sometimes when she nag Instead of leaving the house for her I trained my self to always turn deaf ears meaning when she talks I tune my ears and heart to something else.

But this faithful day when she start this nagging of a thing which I know am the cause initially I was joking but she took it to be another thing. She raise a bottle threatening to hit me, it just got me thinking very fast that this woman that usually hit me before can use it on me ooooo and the end will be am sorry if I survive the hit and I quickly I tried to collect the bottle but she landed a big slap on me which almost instantly brings out the beast in me and I unleash it on her and suddenly it dawn on me that I just break the covenant I made and I dash out of the house which I suppose to have done earlier.

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