Popoola Oluwatomisin Opinion on Family Planning Case

Family planning is an individualistic decision that falls under Human Rights such as right to life, right for free will of each person’s to decide how large or small they want their family to be. Family planning is influenced by various factors trending from individuals perspective,family values, religion,traditions of the land, economic factors such as availability of resources and both parties involved.
When a couple comes together for purposes of reproduction and such factor as norms and traditions comes to play in such a way that it either hinders more children or promotes more children bearing,for instance some tradition might dictate that if they do not have a male child then it is a taboo to the law of the land and by so doing they keep bearing more and more female children until a male is born in fear of not being exiled.
So also,economic resources is vital to the influence of family planning especially in the 21st century which is also an external environmental factor. When a couple has enough resources and earns more wage or salary it is quite logical for them not to be discomforted because they are very well resourceful in training and provision of the numbers of children they intend to have and in such cases it is difficult for an unstable economy of the country to influence their decision because they are very much well to do and in this regard,even the government will gain positively alot from this because once such children are trained,grown and working,they know their talents and skills has been well invested in due to the status of their parents and they contribute a great deal to the nations economy in terms of well trained skills,managed talents and paying of taxes that will contribute to the nations wealth.
For instance,if Dangote or any other well resourceful family choose to have more children.The government can’t be against it as it is their choice and they are well resourceful even without looking up to the government to help them in resources.
However, the disadvantages of family planning comes about when economic resources is unavailable,lack of planning,rape,sexual abuse, lack of religious belief and so on.yes,religion helps us maintain our sexuality in a way that discourages unwanted pregnancies and lack of it gives room for more unwanted pregnancies and abortions which in turn affects the economy negatively because they start to depend on government to cater for them and this weighs the economy.i strongly believe that people of a nation should not be dependent on a Nations economy because the economy is naturally dependent on the people in which lack of family planning promotes people being dependent on a nations economy. Take China as an example, China as the most populated never depended on their economy but they understood their economy will only be influenced by them and they took advantage of the over population contributing to the economy.i wonder what would have being of China as populated as they are if they were to be as dependent on their economy as Nigerian is today. Finally despite various measures of family planning,it doesn’t affect the rich except they choose.and it is mainly to curb the unavailability of unwanted pregnancies which puts the economy and society to risk of untrained minds that turns to be armed rubbers,louts,prostitutes etc which hinders the economy from growing indirectly as their skill isn’t channeled to the positivity of the nation.

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