Popoola Oluwatomisin share her thought on “Betting Culture in Our Society Today”

My thought on betting and gambling as advantageous to our society and economy.

When we make a bet or gamble, we simply take chances, risk, we leave things to chance of the unknown in hope and great courage for success and achievements.
I can say that in our everyday life we all take bets within ourselves and within each other. I think that the common man on the streets interpreted bets and gambles as staking money or something in other to achieve slot more as a short cut to success. But to me oo, everyone  bets in one form or the other just like the entrepreneurs for instance.They bet everyday once they decide to take a risk, it is a kind of bet within an individual in the business world. So what about a young boy that’s afraid of the subjects mathematics.One day his peers mocks him and then he decides to take leap in the dark to make sure he gets an A in maths, he has had a bet within himself. my point here is that gambling and betting isn’t bad in itself but it’s how society embraces as a tool of either success or failure.

Betting and gambling as a negative aspect of society,this to me has lots to do with the interpretation of various individual like the example of a mare man on the streets that sees it as money for money. Other prestigious people see it as honour for honour, so the negativity of gambling is not gambling itself but the people that abuse gambling that sees it as a short cut for success instead of a tool for success.