I believe that quality education is one of the fundamental rights of every child in Nigeria.
And also proving an enabling environment for every child to go to school should be the priority of any government be it Federal, State or Local Government.

The number of children that are out of school in Nigeria is alarming, and this poses a great threat to everything we stand for as a country.

According to UNICEF; about 10.5 million children in Nigeria are not in school even though primary education is officially free and compulsory. Looking at those figures, the truth is, Nigeria is in danger, our future is in great danger.

Out of School Children

Just Imaging that half of those 10.5 million Children become Boko Haram Bandit in 5 years to come.
Imaging 4million out of those children becomes bait for kidnappers and criminals. Look at the threat that poses to our security in Nigeria.

The questions are:

What are the reasons why many children are out of school in Nigeria?

How can we curtail the number of children that are out of school in Nigeria?

I will be looking forward to hearing your contribution and view on this case.

Thank you.