Good day everyone.
I am happy to introduce the case for this week, the first case of the year.
This week, we will be discussing on VALID MARRIAGE!

What birth this case is about a story I read online nit quite long. The bride refused to kiss the groom after their court marriage. She said it is against her church doctrine, that until they do church wedding she can not kiss her husband (to be).

So I keep wondering, is it that court marriage is not valid, then if that’s the case then it is wrong to call a couple: husband and wife after their court wedding.

This made me start asking myself some questions which I will like you all to share your opinions and views on:

Which marriage is the most important?; court marriage, Church Marriage or Traditional marriage.

Which one is not even necessary?

At what point does one have the right to call his/her partner; my wife or my husband.


I remain your boy Walecase.

I rest my case.