Today 1st of August, 2019, THECASE is two years.

This is a happy moment for us because today is our anniversary.

We look back to when we started, even though we encounter a lot of challenges and ups and downs moment but still we can still point to many achievements during these two difficult years.

Truly, things didn’t go as planned from the inception but today our goal and vision are more clear to us, which is important for us to move forward.

The journey is not as smooth as we anticipate, but we are still grateful for the wonderful moments when had in the past two years. We are looking for an exciting year ahead.

We appreciate and celebrate all our followers and contributors on our platform, we say thank you all.

Today we are not celebrating the name THECASE rather we are celebrating everyone that has supported us through this journey, we are grateful.

We also thank the Almighty God the giver of this idea, our backbone through these years, we pray that we shall have a total breakthrough in Jesus name. Amen.

We are just starting, there are many years ahead of us. Come and be part of our journey.


Happy 2nd year Anniversary.

Happy New Month.

From all of us @ THECASE