I will use today to reminisce about the challenges facing the female child. One of them is #SEXForGrade that is still trending everywhere. Sex for grade is minor when compared with other challenges facing a girl child.

Right from birth, the girl child had started her battle of life starting with Genital Mutilation; note, it is not circumcision but an abuse of a girl child to deprive her of sexual pleasure in the future.

And that is not all, she could or would still face many challenges like Child molestation, Child Trafficking, Inability to go to school, Rape, Child marriage and many more.

I am being terrified of what the future holds for my future daughters with what I am seeing happening presently.

We need to make sure that we protect every girl’s child and ensure that no girl child is abused in any way.

If every girl has to face all I had mentioned above then there is no hope for the human race.
Happy Day of Girls.